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By Pat D’Antonio – Executive Director – thegallery@rhinebeck

If you wanted to put a face on what we want you to know about everything thegallery@rhinebeck represents, that face would belong to Tom Cale.

Tom exemplifies everything we are trying to do here. He’s not just a terrific artist, which he is as a very talented portrait and abstract artist, but also and as importantly he is one of the most public service minded people I have ever met… READ MORE


6 MINUTES 20 SECONDS ©2018 Sean Bowen enamel on canvas 16×20

This is a portrait of Parkland High School student Emma González.

It is titled 6 minutes 20 seconds because that is all the time it took for a rampaging killer, armed with an AR-15 assault rifle, to end 17 lives.

gallery@rhinebeck Artist Sean Bowen saw Emma speak at the anti-gun violence rally in Florida and was inspired to paint this portrait.

It is currently on display at thegallery@rhinebeck and we are offering it on line as well for an auction to benefit New Yorkers Against Gun Violence.

Opening bids start at $1500
all Gallery proceeds go to NYAGV.
FOR BIDDING, CONTACT: info@galleryrhinebeck.org 
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