March 7, 2018 – Larry Decker

March 7, 2018. Larry Decker


Pat D’Antonio – Executive Director –thegallery@rhinebeck

Larry Decker is one of the good guys. Both as an artist and as a person.

His artwork show’s his sunny view of life with brightly colored landscapes, architectural studies and cityscapes was well. I have referred to his work in the gallery as if Edward Hopper got on Prozac. I have been a fan since the first day he walked in.

I’m a bigger fan now. 

For the why you have to go back to the spring of 2017 when a lovely person named Kathy DeLuca came into the gallery one night. She heard my spiel about how we are more than an art gallery and how we were developing public service projects, some in partnership with worthy philanthropies in the area. Kathy works at The Children’s Home in Poughkeepsie, a venerable children’s services organization.

Larry Decker, gallery@rhinebeck Artist; Alicia Dean, First Vice-Chair – Children’s Home Board of Directors; Mary Lou Davis, President – Children’s Home Board of Directors; Pat D’Antonio, Executive Director, thegallery@rhinebeck

I told Kathy that we do a number of activities for charities in the area and asked what we could do for them. Kathy sent me to another great person at the home, Erin Caffarelli, who, among other duties is in charge of public relations for the home.  

Driving to the home for the first time not long after, I saw the actual original Children’s home, not the organization’s headquarters. It is an amazingly beautiful and unusual building as you can see. My first thought was that we should commemorate the organization through a “portrait” of the original Children’s home. Erin and Kathy were enthusiastic, but I couldn’t get any of our members excited about it.

Then Larry Decker joined the gallery. I saw his work, thought of the Children’s Home, and asked Larry if he was interested. Larry drove over to the Home, took one look and was immediately on board.

Last week the painting was finished and and Larry and I went to the Home to present it to the staff and board of the Children’s home including Alicia Dean, First Vice-Chair – Children’s Home Board of Directors and Mary Lou Davis, President.

Erin and everyone at The Children’s home liked the idea of a painting, they loved the actual painting. Their response was amazing. Both Larry and I were blown away by how appreciative they were. It was a very good day for both of us.

This just goes to show how art can have an impact on people’s lives. It seemed like a simple project but Larry’s skills, perspective and style truly brought something special out with his painting. And, at least for this one day, those skills and that attitude was rewarded in a special way.

The painting of The Children’s Home is on display at their headquarters 10 Children’s Way, Poughkeepsie New York.

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