Artist Talk: Aaron Rezny

Thurs. Aug 9, 2018 ● 7pm

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Join us for our Hudson Valley Celebrity Series artist talk with Aaron Rezny, food and still life photographer. His Series of images, Eating Delancey, represent the flavors of his youth in New York City. The works are published in Eating Delancey: A Celebration of Jewish Food.
Thurs. Aug 9, 2018 | 7pm
$15 suggested donation | open to the public

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Eating Delancey:A Celebration of Jewish Food

Author’s Note
I can trace my visual connection to food back to my early childhood, when some of my earliest memories were formed around the dinner table in our home in Brooklyn. To us, sharing a meal was a celebration of life and our world revolved around the traditional Eastern European dishes my mother laid our for us every night. Stories about the old country, insights, laughter, and love were free-flowing during those meals, and those experiences have made lasting impressions that are expressed in my work to this day. Eating Delancey is a personal homage to the vanishing flavors of my youth. After scouring the streets and shops of manhattans Lower East Side, I brought select items—bagels, knishes, farfel, old seltzer bottles—back to my studio, where I restaged them, forever preserving them for others to enjoy.

Aaron Rezny