Adam Colombo

Siimoen Sunset © 2017 Adam Colombo

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Adam Colombo is a full time artist, freelancer and odd job specialist with a lot of energy focused on creative thinking and Basking in the next thing life has to offer. He has developed a passion for the planet and visually celebrating all of it’s beauty through painting,sculpture, and various other mediums. On Top of his constant painting he also loves being immersed in nature, going to music shows, works with management and curation of a gallery in Poughkeepsie NY called Pomeco, he has just become a member of Ink and Voices Management team as staff artist, has found a new enjoyment in videography and likes to take opportunities to act whenever they come his way. Through his 6 years of college he says he learned enough but he is a strong believer that life itself will always be the best teacher.