Adrianne Lobel

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Though I started as a painter in my teens, the lure of the theater pulled me away from my studies at the easel. The last dozen years has found me back at the easel and increasingly committed to my work as a painter. I am a member of The Bowery Gallery in Chelsea and have shown in other New York City galleries and in various galleries in Upstate New York.  I am a recent graduate of the New York Studio School.

The more I paint, the more I am attracted to the extremely banal. I find places and things that are imbued with a poetry which comes from being not noticed. The unbeautiful is as singular to life as anything commonly recognized as beautiful or meaningful. I try to transform these subjects into something that everyone can appreciate.

Artist Statement:

I paint en plein air in the Rhinebeck, Red Hook, and Kingston area all summer. Then I use the paintings I have made as a reference for large-scale works in my studio in Hoboken during the rest of the year. I am drawn to the modern and the mundane. I like to bring out the poetic drama is places that go generally unseen and taken for granted.  My theatrical background plays a large part in the way I see the world … as an empty stage set in which the participants or viewers of my art are the performers.