Annette Jaret

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From earth to earth. We take down trees to make paper, and I repurpose papers to create trees. Unlike my classical training, this is a visceral experience. The result, an artistic journey I call “Spirit Dancing”. It comes from a place of freedom and exploration dictated by the papers.  I am a photographer, painter, and collagist. This group integrates all these disciplines. The addition of Oriental papers which are laminated with photographs creates unique patterns and textures.The entire process is both physical and spiritual.

Spirit dancing continues to evolve. I am enamored by trees and their many seasonal incarnations. Trees are used to symbolize aspects, as renewal, beauty, strength, and stability.

My painting training began at the age of 12 with a Spanish painter, Anthony, Trujuillo. Continued to  Pratt Institute, majoring in painting and minoring in jewelry design, graduating with a B.F.A. For many years I worked as a costume jewelry designer. in NYC.for manufacturers selling to major department stores. Now a permanent resident of Ulster County, I am surrounded by the beauty of the Hudson Valley daily and many trees.


With multiple photos I have taken, images are manipulated using Photoshop. I add, subtract, cut, paste, merge and, alter colors of photos until the final product is achieved. Each piece is printed with archival inks and paper.