Betsy Jacaruso

Above: “On the River”

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Betsy has always been transfixed by the natural beauty of the mountains and river that comprise the Hudson River Valley, where she was raised. Much of her current work explores atmosphere and luminosity of these breathtaking vistas. Betsy strives to go beyond just creating a composition by capturing the essence and feeling of the Valley. She endeavors to create a transcendental atmosphere in her paintings, in hopes of evoking an emotion, which supersedes the visual.

Betsy Jacaruso received her BFA with honors from the Pratt Institute of Art and Design in Brooklyn, NY in 1979. She has since gained the reputation of being a gifted instructor who teaches drawing and painting techniques as a way of realizing individual vision. Her students find her mastery of watercolor painting invaluable in the process of learning to handle the complexities of the medium.

Jacaruso received the Dutchess County Executive Arts Award in 2005, and also co-chaired the Red Hook Community Arts Network from 2010-2012, her work has been featured three times in the print copy of The New York Times.