Bianca Terranova

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BIANCANOVA Studio Jewelry creations are original, sophisticated pieces designed and fabricated by me in my one-woman business.  My limited edition art jewelry is distinctive yet affordable for today’s fashionable woman who wants an elegant, unique jewelry statement, with the luxury of 24K gold or pure .999 silver. I form many components by hand in the real sense of the word; they are therefore truly one of a kind. Some of my designs are inspired by ancient treasures and artifacts, some by organic Nature herself and the ever-changing shells and shore life which surround me. Each piece is made one at a time, some designs in limited runs, others just once.

Working with gemstones, precious metals, polymer, mixed metals, and metal clays brings a rich diversity to the jewelry I create. Using my own collection of textures and molds, many BIANCANOVA signature pieces are hand-formed in .999 fine silver, or in bronze with a substantial overlay of 24K gold. Other pieces are hammered and forged. My hands and hammers leave unique surface marks, which add value and artistry. These 24K gold overlay and .999 silver creations are sought after collectibles.


My life experience living in four countries on three continents, with the rich diversity of cultures, patterns, histories, and personalities have all influenced my work. I am happiest when my hands are creating something new, and I have enjoyed working in many media: ceramics, oil painting, sculpture, quilting, crochet, mosaics. Each exploration has influenced the others. I continue to create works in mosaic, both large and small.

About 12 years ago Precious Metal Clay came into my life, and I was immediately smitten. My creative output in this exciting medium was suddenly immense, and the work received some good attention from the public and, especially, the metal clay community.

The BIANCANOVA Studio Jewelry business was started shortly after this and has evolved
over time. Each iteration of new metal clays has offered its own challenge and inspiration. Shifts in the marketplace have shown me new paths to explore, such as the 24K overlay line I started some years ago. My sketchbooks are full of ideas yet to be realized….

It is ultimately the anticipation, the challenge, the satisfaction of doing good work in the studio which keeps me moving forward on this exciting and fulfilling path.