Brian Gillette

Above: “BOOMTOWN JACK” 2014   Acrylic and Spray Paint  48′ x 96′

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From a young age, Brian Gillette has always romanticized of becoming an “artist”.  In a last-ditch effort to avoid failing out of college, he entered into an art program and thus produced a life that has always been immersed in creativity. Although his concept as an “artist” has matured and his perceptions and practices have widely varied, he still maintains a pie-eyed wonderment to the world of creativity.

Brian Gillette graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC with a degree in Advertising and Graphic Design and immediately got swept into the fast-paced and results-driven ad world. After decades of creating multi-media, corporate brand work, he decided to move back north and realign himself with personal brand work.

Currently, Gillette is a freelancing Creative Director but now allows more time getting his hands dirty practicing his creativity in a more raw and rooted fashion. He has found a great success in creating personal work to pass along to enamored individuals as opposed to creating national campaigns with a numbers-based success rate.

Gillette’s work features many niche concepts and is the style fusion of a blue-collar craftsman,  professional designer and guerilla street artist wallowing in the wilds between the appreciation of a vintage past and a radical future.