Bryan Henry

©Bryan Henry THE VOYAGE pastel

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I have no formal training. Approximately a year ago I was invited to create a woodworking project by a friend who had just created a “state-of-the-art” woodworking studio. We began to brainstorm about projects. Numerous ideas began to flow. In order to keep track of the ideas for various projects, I started to doodle our ideas on scraps of paper.
The next day I purchased a sketch pad to attempt to capture some of these woodworking ideas. I had no intention of creating drawings that might be considered art. I simply wanted to doodle rough sketches of potential woodworking projects.
Unexpectedly, some of the doodles appeared to take on a life of their own. I began to experiment with forms and images that had little or nothing to do with woodworking. I subsequently, purchased various easels, boxes of pencils and pads of varying sizes and textures. I began doodling, not with the intention of becoming an “Artist” but to explore the possibility of whether or not I might be able to draw.
I gravitated towards drawing landscapes. I grew up with an intense appreciation for nature. I enjoyed camping as a Boy Scout and I enjoy wilderness-camping as an adult. I like wide open vistas, cloudscapes, sunsets, full moons, tropical beaches and wilderness.
For me, each doodle is an escape into the timeless beauty of the natural world; it’s where I’ve always lived in my imagination.
Being able to express my connection to nature by using pencil and charcoal is ineffable and gives me a profound sense of satisfaction. I hope you enjoy my Doodles.
~ Bryan Henry