Chris Gonyea

Snowy Thicket ©2018 Chris Gonyea

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          I am an artist who abstracts the landscape in order to find patterns in nature. I was strictly an abstract artist until I made the leap to explore the possibilities of incorporating the realistic image into the realm of the abstract. Trees have emerged as the motif in which I could explore that possibility. The tree in many ways can be seen as a figure or the vertical against the horizontal as in a common figure/ground relationship.  Within this context I discover relationships between elements of the forest.  Groupings, dynamics and subtext occur to me as the images emerge. The figure (tree) stands in the landscape but at the same time is the landscape itself.

A very important consideration for me is the negative space. Branches create connections that are easily described by the graphic line. There are times I equate the branches to our own nervous system with synapse and transference of energy making the leap which creates cognitive thought. The tree is as connected to the air as it is the earth. The space between is as solid as the subject. New shapes emerge as result. Forms and patterns become apparent as one looks deeper into these forests.