Deb Lecce

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It is with great satisfaction that I can say that Clay has been my passion for over forty-five years. Clay as a material invokes change. This has served me well as i continue to grow and explore this material. I have worked as a teacher and functional potter and recently have moved to sculpture and have been exploring animal forms. Crazy as it may sound, as a child I had vivid recurring dreams of our brownstone in Brooklyn filled with animals …all living in peace. Now these animals come through in clay. Each piece begins with the belly part of the animal; from there I add colls and continue to paddle and stretch the clay into form. It can be slow and contemplative while I find the gestures and expressions. This is an intimate time; I enjoy the challenge and process of transformation. The pieces you see in the Rhinebeck Gallery have been fired in an Anagama Kiln for 7 days.(japanese wood kiln) The Long firing imparts color and ashes as no other kiln can. During the firing time I get to shift from working solo, to sharing time with other potters where we catch up on each others lives and work. We tend the fire, eat well and enjoy the time together. The Patina you see is the kiss of Fire and Ash. It is my hope to create animals that quietly engage the viewer, while creating an air of curiosity and calm. I see them as guardians of the land.