Gina Whalen

Above: “Floating in the Tranquil Water”

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Growing up in Central New York and  now living in the Hudson Valley has led me on  my quest for artistic fulfillment.
At a young age, I was driven to the paint brush and the feeling of putting paint on canvas was exhilarating. My passion was put on hold when I made the choice to study at Syracuse University.

Upon my graduation in 1989, I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. While taking only a few studio art classes, modern architecture, and art history classes while studying in college, I continued t self-educating in Fine Arts.

I tried to constructively implement into my motifs according to the works of, Maurice Esteve, and Paul Klee thus creating a sort of cubism, and abstract expressionism compositions.  Adding my own touch, I utilize bright bold colors for my works.  Strictly creating abstract compositions using oils and acrylic paints is now my focus. Produced on canvas my work displays a non-objective works.