Ginny Howsam Friedman

Above: “Autumn

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Although I’m inspired by nature and the real world I am an interpreter.  I take off from a memory and try to paint the sensation the image has on me.

I make paintings with brushwork, oil sticks, dripping, scrapping, wiping and drawing on canvas.  On paper I make prints then I paint, draw, scrape and sometimes cut them and put them together in a new order.  Often messing up an image is an important part of the final result.

A jumping-off point is the road I live on in upstate New York.  The natural surroundings of trees, ponds, the Hudson River, mountain views, pastures and wild and cultivated flowers are a constant inspiration.

I work to create a feeling on canvas and on paper that is a visceral reaction to nature.  My eyes crave texture and energy.  My soul wants color.  I want the imprint of my hand on the surface.  It adds up to an image with something to hang onto.