Jane Resnick

©2018 Jane Resnick

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I’ve been an artist my entire life. As a kid I was always often asked to paint scenery for the school play and I even made my first portfolio out of leather hides. I studied graphic design and advertising at Pratt Institute, Broolyn, NY and went on to be an Art Director for several major magazines.
When I moved to Rhinebeck I was introduced to pottery by a friend who took me to Hudson Valley Pottery on Garden Street. It took a while for me to really love ceramics – mainly because I didn’t like the wheel much. I still continued working at it and when I found handbuilding – just working with slabs – I took off and haven’t stopped. I went to that little studio practically every day for five years and studied Utube videos at night.
I have my own studio now and work every day on something clay related. I still use many of the old tools I used from my designer days, implementing graphic design in my work in a big way! In addition to my electric kiln, I also regularly participate in wood firings, salt and other atmospheric firings, which allow me to achieve many different effects.