Janet Gunderson

RED REFLECTIONS ©2018 Janet Gunderson oil on canvas

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Alchemy, metamorphosis, and the power of the imagination characterize the work of Janet Gunderson. Her art is about giving form and substance to the metaphysical.

With a Master’s Degree in Education and a Bachelor’s in Sociology, she has always been fascinated with observing and communicating. It was this fascination that intuitively led her into the realm of art.

After a career teaching English as a Second Language for the New York City Board of Education (with a few years spent in Washington, D.C. and Osaka, Japan) she embarked on a new journey as an artist in the Hudson Valley. In her own words, “The language of art is magical. Time doesn’t exist. Colors merge together, textures are built up or carved into, shape takes form, space is created, and energetic movement is evident.” She does not confine herself to one medium or subject. She uses various techniques and tools and is always exploring and discovering. The intuitive sanctuary of her artistic practice gives meaning and purpose in this increasingly chaotic world within which we live.