Joseph V. Cassarino

Above: “Inkaterra Amazon”

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NATURE ~ I am connected to it and to everything in the universe. Otherwise known as  collective consciousness or oneness. After years of making conscious efforts to spend time in nature daily, I began connecting to nature on a profound level. There were times I walked in nature and I became one with the leaf, the tree or the universe by tapping into it’s energy. Additionally, since adulthood, I read books on laws of the universe, quantum physics and countless self help books by the most brilliant minds on our planet. In combination with studying secrets of the Ancients, Ascended Masters, Saint’s and Prophets, I also embarked in a yoga practice as I ate eating organic, mostly vegan food. In addition to hydrating and drinking plenty of water, “our life force”, I became clear, centered and focused. I also eliminated toxins from my life as best as possible, in the form of eliminating watching television or reading the daily newspaper, which is often filled with negativity or toxins. Not to say I do not stay uninformed. However, today media is bombarding our mind and subconscious, twenty four hours a day and it is not healthy to overload the mind with negativity or fear continuously.

Negativity and sensationalism distracts and interferes the peace and the flow of ones life. Nature on the other hand, offers healing modalities. The Ancients, Ascended Masters, Prophets, Poets and Mystics, that I read about were fully aware of their connection to the sacred universe. They revered it, respected it and connected to it on a deep level. They also recognized their connection to the universe and to the “spirit inside the plant, the animal, the water and wind”. In our society and fast pace world, we often become removed from earths elements and basics. We are sold by media, consumer goods, products and electronic devices which remove us far from nature and basic order. We fail to spend ample time in nature. Therefore, we become stressed and seek instant relief in harmful forms. My photographic art and beautiful scenes of nature act as healing modalities in which the viewer resonates with the energy radiating from the photo.

My passion, my energy, my spirit and love, also radiates outward off each photographic print, evoking a sense of calm and peace. My clients constantly inform me they were drawn to the image. Most clients inform me; something drew them to the photograph and they must purchase it. This is my biggest reward and joy being I am not selling merely a photo. I am offering the loving energy of the collective, including my energy and spirit. We are all one and everything is connected. There is no coincidence that you made you were attracted to my photographs of nature. My dream, my intent, is that everyone who views my art, may utilize the photograph and incorporate my photographic art inside their home, their sacred space, their sanctuary, as a vehicle to induce a calm state of being.

After all the stress of life, and often after conditioning by family, friends, co-workers and media, which do not always serve one’s best interest, everyone needs to relax and reconnect, even if they do not have ample time to walk in nature. My photography imbues nature and it’s energy into your home to provide peace, joy and love. My photography uplifts your spirit and soul and acts as a reminder that you too can also tap into the “Quantum”. The infinite energy of the universe, which is transmitting it’s energy in a continuous flow. Energy, like love, never dies, it merely changes form and exist infinitely. Energy is inside my photographs, it is also inside the subject of the photo, the image itself and even inside the metal. Energy is everywhere, seen and unseen. I believe those who feel the energy, and those who are drawn to my photographs, have some sense of understanding of the laws of the universe and that they are on the threshold of awakening to the oneness of the universe and to the fact, we are all one!

NOTE: All nature images taken as Joseph travels internationally and as Joseph connects to the spirit inside the fire, water, air and earth.