Joshua Brehse

Icy Bay ©2018 Joshua Brehse

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Over the last few years, my work has been slowly transitioning away from abstraction and moving toward a more descriptive approach to painting. Despite having a varied approach to technique, my subject is always in some way based on a landscape. The landscape can be anything from a familiar view from my backyard to the imagined space of a subatomic collider (Hadron). Macro to micro. I enjoy the push and pull of space that allows for an entry into the atmosphere of the painting whether or not space is real or imagined. I hope to have my abstract work understood in the same way as a traditional landscape while conversely trying to make my more straightforward landscapes succeed and be appreciated on an abstract level as well. Being a lifelong resident of the Hudson River Valley, I am very much drawn to the long history of American landscape painting and see my work as part of that continuum.