Joyce Nicol

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I work in pastels and specialize in landscape and still life. Having grown up in western New York State, I learned about the Hudson Valley through my studies in art history and was interested in the 19th century Hudson River School of Artists. When I first came to live in this region, it was like living in those paintings. I immediately responded to the grandeur of the mountains and river, and the charm of the small towns. My paintings are expressions of my love of nature, interest in detail, and enjoyment of color. The use of pastels gives me a very direct, tactile connection between what I see and what I want to express.

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree from Buffalo State (the State University of New York) with a major in art education, and a Master of Arts in art history from the George Washington University. I taught art in Webster, New York and Hopkinton, Massachusetts. For many years I attended pottery classes at the Worcester Center for Crafts in Worcester, Massachusetts, exhibiting and selling my work at craft fairs. Returning to New York State and seeking a new direction for my artistic interests I began pastel work with Angela Gaffney Smith. I have enjoyed participating in workshops led by Christina Debarry, Staats Fasold, and Elizabeth Mowry through the Woodstock School of Art.

Besides being an active member and volunteer at the Woodstock Artist Association and Museum, I am a literacy tutor and a volunteer at the Lisa Libraries. My husband and I are residents of Woodstock and also lived in Hurley before the years spent in Massachusetts.

Above: “New Hampshire Woods”