Lucas Terranova

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While  knowing he would study medicine, Lucas always had a passion for the creative. It has forever served as a counterpoint to the de-constructive and analytic subjects and skills which occupy his working day as an anesthesiologist. The creative process and the technical rendering refreshes and reinvigorates his soul in a way that little else does. It is his own form of self healing.

Despite forays into many of the creative arts from blacksmithing and pottery to creative writing and glass blowing, he has always considered himself primarily a painter. His education in painting has been largely self directed and while sporadic  has been ample.  A Studio arts minor as an undergrad followed by independent unaccredited semesters at the Lyme Arts Academy in Old Lyme, CT  and the School for Visual Arts in Manhattan during his medical training.  Most recently he has taken instruction in seminars at  Barrett Art Center, and Mill Street Loft in Poughkeepsie.

Artists Statement

I am a physician  and so I  have always taken inspiration from the beauty, grace and power of the human form  which delves well below the skin, and deep into the soul, the depiction of which is a perpetual challenge, and a reward when complete.

I also find incredible beauty in those untouched natural places around us, in the majesty of the sky and  vastness of  the sea. The wild places still uncorrupted.  Thus I am a recent convert to landscape painting.

I love the infinite variety one finds in nature.  The play of light and shadow. Capturing those fleeting moments as the suns moves across the sky, casting its light on ever changing clouds, is a constant challenge.  It is that play of shadow and light, the momentary vibrancy of color and the illusion of depth  which I strive to depict ,and which most attracts me to both my subject matter and the works of others which I admire.

I have avoided the use of  pre made blacks and to a large extent white in my work, rather using the vibrancy of the colors themselves  their transparency where needed and their interplay to create my values and contrasts, letting the canvas peek through thin layers of paint to create luminosity in some elements while thicker layers create the shadows in others.

It is my hope that the viewer gets drawn in and transported to a place of reminiscence, much as I have been while painting these scenes.