Nansi Lent

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American, raised in Miami in the 60’s during the Cuban exile, the Bay of Pigs, the escalation of the war in Vietnam, JFK’s assignation, psychedelics, man’s first lunar landing and tumultuous race riots, I have always been enmeshed with social issues and expressions of human longing for belonging and peace.

I began my art practice as a photographer and filmmaker and had my first solo show as a painter in 1980 in NYC. My photography at that time spanned documentary work, image manipulation with negatives and in the darkroom, and pre-digital photo montage. My painting and photography related through my use of projection in image making.

Three decades of a career in media making and staged presentations for corporations took me around the world and consumed me. Eventually, I had children, married and in 2007 moved to the Hudson Valley and have refocused on family and my art practice.

I love to paint and move between figurative work, nature abstractions and a graphic meditation I call ‘counting’, all of which stems from emotional expression versus interpretation of the objective or conceptual. I tend to work in series and, worn by one approach, find relief, refreshment, and discovery in another.

A member of The National Association of Women Artists, I have exhibited in multiple juried group shows with them over the past eight years; was awarded ‘Best In Show’ by The Rockaway Artists Foundation for one of my pieces on Hurricane Sandy; have shown locally at The Church of the Messiah, Barrett Art Center and The Morton Library.

I look forward, over time, to showing the different aspects of my work at The Gallery@Rhinebeck and working to merge these approaches in yet a new direction.

Above: “Mary Janes” Oil on Canvas, 42″ x 66″, 1980.