Paolo Nigris

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Paolo Nigris, born in Milano, Italy, is a biomedical software designer. While pursuing his main career as a software designer, fine art photography has always been an important part of Paolo’s life. Although he was fascinated by photography for as long as he can remember, the real turning point happened when, in 1978, he met Ansel Adams and had the privilege of working with him. At that time he also presented his first personal exhibition at Stanford University. While pursuing his main career as a software designer, he continues to remain involved in fine art photography. His works have appeared in many publications and exhibitions.

Paolo Nigris – Artist Statement

I believe that the most important quality in a photograph is to share the photographer vision with the viewer. To me, photography is always in search of a new vision. In synch with Imogen Cunningham statement “ Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.”, I am always in pursuit of something different and better. For this reason, my photography covers many different levels and subjects.

Expanding my vision is a crucial yet constant struggle for me, keep exploring in many directions will be my constant goal for the near future.

This is reflected in the images in this exhibition, I felt like I needed a new challenge since I had been shooting at eye-level for years. Always in search of a different point of view, an original location, two years ago I started using a drone for aerial photography. Now, as FAA certified pilot, I can really try to scout new locations, dare to test new unusual point of view.

With a drone, you are unlocking a completely new way to see the world, and a newfound way to evoke an emotion.

Aerial photography sometimes gives a different descriptive meaning of human interaction with nature.

Lines, patterns, shapes, and colors get my attention more than the usual traditional landscape aerial photography.