Pat Kelly

Above: “October Sunbathing”

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Pat Kelly’s love of drawing began at a very early age with an equal love of horses. “I drew horses as long as I can remember. I even failed Algebra because we were given little pieces of paper at the beginning of each class with which to solve the day’s problems, and I couldn’t resist filling them with horses.”

The love of drawing and of horses led to a very fulfilling career as a professional horsewoman and an artist. “I was fortunate to have very supportive parents and the good fortune of beginning my formal studies at the Art Students League in New York with the renowned teacher Robert Beverly Hale. Who encouraged my drawing of horses by comparing their anatomy with that of the figure. He opened up many avenues of drawing for me with his encouragement and input. As a result, I love drawing the figure as well as all animals. A good thing too as my first commission was of Buffalos.”

Attending the Art Students League in Woodstock led to the beginning of a career as a Professional Horsewoman (the other love). Continuing with art interests along the way as her schedule allowed, studying at The League which became the Woodstock School of Art.  Enriching her studies with the numerous excellent teachers of painting, pastels, and anatomy,  in classes and workshops and open studios that the school offered.

Working with horses, which she considers “living works of Art” she assembled many drawings and photographs which served as references for future works.  She also did many commissions which are in both corporate and private collections in the USA as well as Europe and South America. Pat compiled her professional experiences into a very successful horse care book Horse Around the House in which she also did 200 illustrations. She has illustrated numerous articles, magazine and book covers and posters as well.

With the expansion of her Art training over the years Pat realized her enjoyment of figure drawing and painting especially including people in contemporary situations. She also began developing her Plein Air painting skills. Realizing she had a special affinity for scenes involving water. Attributing this to her childhood,  growing up in Connecticut next to Long Island Sound. “I spent my youth as ‘a water rat’, living in a bathing suit and swimming daily during the season. This has left me with a real nostalgia for the water. Since these waterscapes sell well I assume other folks have the same love.”

Pat has been included in numerous juried shows as well as solo and group shows regionally and nationally.  She is an Active member of Woodstock Artist Association, Museum, and The Pastel Society of America.

Above: “October Sunbathing” 18×24