Roxie Johnson

@Roxie Johnson AFTER THE RAIN mixed media

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Holding an MFA from Syracuse University, I have worked as both fine artist and visual arts educator for over four decades. As a young girl my early on influences most definitely began at home, and in the classroom, working with children sustained my creative passion over many years. 

Known for my unique approach to the etching process, I have studied with master printers Ron Pokrasso and Dan Welden, and been the recipient of awards on both the east and west coast, twice from the National Association of Women Artists. It was during my printmaking career that my cut, paste and layering process developed through use of camera and digital technology. Now, as I transition to abstract painting, my collage techniques pose an exciting challenge and remain prevalent as one of my trademarks in the work I produce today.

Artist Statement

“My art is a vehicle through which I explore those innate passions that drive our humanity and lie embedded deep in the heart. 

Abstract and conceptual, my approach is easily triggered by a word, a moment, an impression left behind. Each work of art embodies a unique conversation between artist, space and surface, and I find myself drawn in by what lies beyond the ordinary field of awareness.

Employing texture, translucency, and everyday fragments, I seek an intimate and provocative imagery that portrays vulnerability, the depth of human consciousness, and the passage of time.

At times painting requires paring down to bare essentials. Absorbed in moments like this, I feel alive.”

Roxie Johnson is a Hudson Valley based artist and poet whose studio is located in Hyde Park, New York and available for visit by appointment. Learn more by visiting: