Tatyana Chaar

IRIS UNDER THE RAIN ©2018 Tatyana Chaar oil on canvas 24×30

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Beauty is the purest feeling of the soul. Beauty arises when the heart is enlightened. Our inner feelings make us perceive love and true beauty, and wisdom of nature sustains us. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated light of nature.

Nature with its deep wisdom, harmony, and mesmerizing beauty, along with studying ancient philosophies and practices like yoga and meditation are among greatest sources of inspiration for Tatyana Chaar.

The artist’s dreamy flower paintings filled with soft colors and shapes celebrate the enchanting beauty and soothing energy. They transport the viewer to the serene environment allowing for “visual meditation” experience, so much needed in our hectic lives. “I see beauty as divine light, which illuminates everything around us and warms up our hearts. I would like to shift the viewer’s attention towards beauty and light beyond the painting, where the artwork is a reminder about the sun being always there, even when we are unable to see it behind the stormy clouds”. Each flower has a symbolic meaning communicating a deeper essence of an artwork and unveiling another layer of it, associating each flower with a human nature and implying some specific features and energy.

Since early childhood being endlessly fascinated by the world’s beauty and wonders, and a great desire to explore them led Tatyana Chaar to an extensive variety of creative studies and experiences, among which Fine Art became the most joyful and fulfilling. Influenced by classical Russian Fine Art school, with its strong focus on realistic painting and drawing, and with its methods deeply absorbed during her teenage years, she began moving towards finding her own artistic voice, gravitating towards another opposite – abstract expression in Art and experimenting in that direction. Oil medium is favored as a classical feature and abstract elements often reveal themselves through lines, shapes, color or composition. Thus, those two directions are still prevailing in her artwork, she experiments with merging two opposite ways of seeing the world and expressing her artistic vision through integrating myriads of ratio combinations between “unrealistic nature of reality” and “realistically unreal” elements.

Nothing Gold Can Stay.  Her hardest hue to hold.   Her early leaf’s a flower;   

But only so an hour.   Then leaf subsides to leaf.   So Eden sank to grief,   

So dawn goes down today.   Nothing gold can stay.”

by Robert Frost