Vera Kaplan

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Born and raised in Manhattan I have spent as much time looking and enjoying art at the Museums and galleries there as I have, studying and making art at HS of Music and Art, Hunter College, School of Visual Arts, and Pratt Manhattan.

My most pronounced influences come from the periphery of the NY art world: Native American, African and Indian art and textiles, and I am attracted to high contrast pattern and high key color. 18 years ago my family and I moved to Rhinebeck and I have been showing work at galleries in the Hudson Valley ever since.

Mine is a highly instinctive process. Most of my paintings are not pre-planned. I don’t refer to what I have seen or imagined. There is hiding and seeking, capture and release. What’s created may be carved into as in an excavation of what lies beneath, and then re-buried and shielded by adornment. Some pieces seem to be landscapes, others are peopled by anonymous beings in an otherworldly space. Still, others are abstract tapestries that display an array of images cut from drawings or rubbings I make on paper, bits of fabric, and images culled from the world of art or anthropology. I often go spelunking for interesting shapes, textures, colors, and images in what shows up in my mailbox, be it stamps or ads in catalogs. My finds get woven into layers of paint or float like flotsam in a sea of patterns.  Each canvas is a catcher of dreams that arise out of preconscious impulses while I divert my attention to books on CD.