William Scholl

©2018 William Scholl

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I was born in 1949 in Allentown PA. I apprenticed to silversmith C. Leslie Smith at age 15 for 4 years and went on to make and sell my jewelry for The next 50 years. My jewelry can be found in the permanent collection of The Philadelphia Museum of Art and in collections around the world. Soon After I moved to the Catskill mountains in 2000, I started experimenting with sculpture. There are several bluestone quarries near my home. While Building a walkway and walls for a garden, I became intrigued with the Stones I gathered and worked with. Then a series of serious illnesses stopped my work. During those years, while dreaming or sketching,  I saw Metaphorical shapes expressed in the stone.  When I recovered, I began by drilling through a stone to create a kind of portal. I pursued drilling and grinding the stone, teaching myself how to achieve what I had imagined. This idea slowly evolved as I opened and widened the drilled hole with Diamond tools and grinders; the tools naturally and organically created spiral shapes. I began gold leafing the carved surfaces so the inside of the Stones appears golden. Some of the portals now have fabricated entryways made with copper. Some are simply cleaved rocks with the exposed inside Gold leafed. I found I am able to express an essence with the sculpture that was not achievable with jewelry.