Brenda Crews

Above: “She Begins” 37”x 86 1/2”

I love creating art, especially with other people. I enjoy, and have dabbled in all forms of art, including sculpture, oil painting, jewelry making, carving, and ceramics. However, printmaking, watercolor/acrylic painting, and pen and ink are my favorite mediums to work with.  My fondness for this began with my love of scene painting in professional theatre. The theatre is one of the best places to explore and create art with a team of wonderfully talented people. I moved on to teach children the art of scene painting and later to create Team Art, as an interactive instructor/art teacher. This is a method of working together in support of each other to create larger pieces of art. Working with others is a thrilling process.

My personal art is an exploration of myself through my surroundings, folk lore and story telling. It’s all about the joy of creating and the science of coming up with ways to use found objects and materials to achieve art to a level of feel good greatness.