Director’s Notes


By Pat D’Antonio

While we are very proud of our work establishing thegallery@rhinebeck as a first class art destination and tourist attraction, we didn’t do it alone. Along with our great volunteers and the support of the people of Rhinebeck, the Chamber of Commerce and area arts groups, we want to point out some businesses who’s support and services were critical in our early success.

Cigarbox Studios

Many in the general public will have never heard the name Cigarbox Studios but they are an amazing resource for businesses and home owners alike. While primary in the business of theatrical scenic building, Cigarbox also works on museum installations, gallery design and construction and business interiors. They also have a big heart and a generous public spirit. Hearing our plans and our limited resources, Cigarbox’s owner Gary Rausenberger stepped up with a plan exceeding our expectations in quality and style at a price the gallery could afford.

The gallery cannot thank Gary and his team enough for making a beautiful space even better. To find out more about Cigarbox Studios go to

All the beautiful display space in the world won’t work unless you can really see the artwork in detail. That requires specialized lighting equipment and design. Again thegallery@rhinebeck scored a stroke of luck with a high end design firm right in our backyard.


Ledspin, nationally recognized experts in lighting for museums, galleries and custom environments happened to be located right around the corner in Rhinecliff NY.Formerly of Washington D.C. where the principles, Jeff Versakos and Joanne Leffeld worked on museum projects for the Smithsonian and National Museum of Natural History. Since relocating back to the Hudson Valley the team has done displays for the Baseball Hall of Fame, the International Gem Tower, the Brinton Museum and Wilderstien in Rhinebeck .

Again, working with what we had, we got more than anyone could have expected. Service, design and consulting beyond expectations.

Anyone with any flair for design, be it for your home, business or office should give Ledspin a call and let them light up your lives.

Advanced Window Solutions

The Sun might give life but UV rays can be a killer. Damaging artwork, carpeting, upholstery and even interior paint you have to protect your valuable artwork from the sun.As anyone who has been to the gallery knows we have a lot of large windows and a lot of sunlight pouring in. This limited our ability to show the members work the way we wanted.

Enter Advanced Window Solutions of Kerhonkson NY.   One critical issue with UV window treatments is literally transparency. While you treat the windows you don’t want them to look treated. We tried many options until we were introduced to Marc Vitaliani and his team. Mark, who was raised in Rhinebeck, finally came to our rescue. He desired a plan that provided us with total protection without compromising the look of our front windows at a fraction of the price offered by other vendors.Whether a home or business, if you like the way your interior looks and want to protect it forever, don’t look around, just call Mark at Advanced Window Solutions.

Cale Communications

And last, but far, far from least, we come to an indispensable local resource. Creating any business or organization in a new town you need to know the local terrain. I had only been living in the Hudson Valley mere weeks before beginning building the gallery@rhinebeck and without help with local knowledge we would’ve sunk.

Luckily, again, we found that resource right across the street at Cale Communications. Marybeth and Tom Cale are respected local residents with strong ties to Rhinebeck and the greater Hudson Valley.The took us under their wing, introducing us to the area residents and businesses and we to them. Be it connecting us to the community or getting our name out to the press all over the valley we would not be where we are today without their help. They were simply an invaluable resource. If you want to be friends with your community and have the community befriend you back, first, make friends with Tom and Marybeth Cale of Cale Communications.