Education and Public Service

The gallery@rhinebeck is more than just a fine art gallery. As a 501-c Non Profit we feel we should give back to the communities that support us. So, we have created a number of educational and public service programs where our artist members use their skills for the benefit of others.

Frank Castella, CEO Dutchess County Chamber of Commerce agrees saying “In just one year, the gallery@rhinebeck has become a force not just in Rhinebeck, but the whole Hudson Valley. It is a unique and original non-profit organization combining the presentation of the great artists of the Hudson Valley and organizing those same artists to use their skills in service to the public.”

It is a great addition to our community and worthy of your support.”

Brookmeade Senior Community

Brookmeade was one of our first education and public service partners. Under the direction of member Lisa Pinto and Brookmeade staff member, Christine Marshall we have artists from the gallery teaching art to the residents and hosting the senior artists with a display of their work at the gallery and inviting their friends and family.

We hope to expand this program to include other senior support groups and centers throughout the Mid Hudson Valley

The Anderson Center for Autism

One of our most rewarding and successful outreach programs connects our artists to students and residents at The Anderson Center for Autism in nearby Staatsburg. Under the direction of gallery member Thomas Cale, the initiative was launched with the objective of helping people with Autism express themselves through art. A group of artists, work alongside Anderson staff members Anna LaFerriere and Kwame Wiafeakenten on the program, and it has been gratifying for all involved.

This outreach effort, along with a special gallery showing and opening reception of art created by Anderson Center for Autism last spring, has been a wonderful opportunity to forge a relationship with a leader in the field of caring for those with developmental disabilities.

Eliza Bozenski, Director of The Anderson Foundation for Autism said, “There is always a mutual benefit when we have the opportunity to collaborate with members of our community. In this case. The artists from the gallery@rhinebeck are providing a wonderful addition to the resident’s daily life. while experiencing firsthand the talent and passions that exist within our students, This, truly optimizes the quality of life for everyone involved!”

Devereux Foundation

The Devereux Foundation is one of the national leaders in providing services to both children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Gallery member Brian Gillette is also on staff with Devereux in Ulster and Dutchess Counties. The gallery, with Brian’s assistance, has developed a program for adult residents at Devereux.

Beginning in January of 2018, gallery members will present a multi faceted arts education program for the residents of Starbarracks House, a residence for developmentally disabled adult women in Red Hook New York.

With this effort we will not only offer art classes but visits to the gallery, museum field trips and seasonal experiences for this great group of women living at Starbarracks house.

Habitat for Humanity

If a picture says a thousand words, so we have spoken very long and loud with our support of Habitat for Humanity.

Starting last fall, photographers from the gallery have chronicled two house builds, one at near completion and one from the ground up for Habitat for Humanity in Kingston New York.

We meet with the building team, photograph every development in the build from groundbreaking to final move in, edit and shape the images and present them to Habitat at no cost. Habitat is then free to use the images in any way they wish, from promotions to fundraising or gifts to donors.

Southlands, Rhinebeck, New York

For Southlands the gallery embarked on a partnership with The Southlands Foundation, a non-profit equestrian center and nature preserve just south of Rhinebeck, New York

Our project was one that is unique to the art world. Our Team, Lead by members Franc Palaia and Betsy Jacaruso, worked with Allison King, Southlands Executive Director to create a day long “Paintout” and Art Auction to benefit both Southlands and the gallery.

36 artists gathered at Southlands, picked a location and painted what they saw and what inspires them. Later that day we gathered for a live auction of the collected works and the artists, Southlands and thegallery@rhinebeck all shared in the proceeds.

Other Philanthropic Support

thegallery@rhinebeck also supports a number of organizations with donated art to be used at benefits as prizes and silent auction items. All proceeds went to the organization we supported

Groups such as:

Rotary Club of Rhinebeck

Rhinebeck Chamber of Commerce Christmas Lights Fund

The Red Hook Community Center

Dutchess County Branch of National Alliance for Mental Illness


Hudson Valley Foundation for Youth Health

Poughkeepsie Children’s Home