Christopher W. Crews

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Above: “One Line City”

Chris Crews, a native of the Hudson Valley, chooses his imagery for his drawings from the heart and soul of this region; its environment, its people, its architecture. His passion for art began in high school, using drawings as required journal entries. Degrees in forestry and biology, a passion for building and construction fueled a driving force to capture, express, and simplify integrating lines on paper. Recently his focus is more intent on his ink drawings and the relationship of social and structural environmental factors. Whether buildings or nature, right angles or free form, Chris enjoys melding multi-dimensional, textural, or cultural aspects into his work. Recently, his one line drawings show a jump in intricacy and detail. The desire to challenge himself and still represent the subject of each piece is paramount. “One Line City” is an example of a city with all it’s energy from all directions joining and forming one constant movement.