Kari Feuer

Above: “View across the Valley” Oil on Linen, 24″ x 30″

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Kari Feuer grew up in the Pacific Northwest, with a childhood spent playing in the woods and streams and forming a love of the outdoors.  After college and moving to New York, she had design careers in fashion and interiors, but was always pulled back to painting in nature.  Beginning as a self-taught Sunday painter and inspired by the Hudson River School, she now works in oils and acrylics on abstract paintings based in nature and mapping, inspired by vistas and waterways.  Her work has been shown in many galleries in the Northeast, collected on three continents and has received national recognition.  She resides near Rhinebeck, New York and the pastures and ponds of the Hudson Valley.

Artist Statement:

My nature-based abstracts and abstracted landscapes are almost completely done with the palette knife. I like the lack of control and precision in this process, giving myself over to a contemplation of the paint as it goes on the canvas and letting the colors mix and the texture build up as they might in nature.  Look for the black under the color:  We have a lot of ambivalence in our attitudes toward nature, and I want to balance both the beauty and the dark underside of the natural world.  These paintings are less about tangible things, more about the ineffable scents, sounds and light.