Kary Broffman

The Hudson Valley has been my home and inspiration since 1976.  As a registered nurse, with a private practice in hypnosis, functional medicine, mind/body integration and holistic counseling,  I move between the conscious and unconscious mind on a daily basis.  I believe that state of being translates to my art work.  Creating has been a lifelong passion for me.  I had a weaving business for over 20 years, working primarily with chenille fiber, and participated in juried craft shows for many years.  After I purchased my first digital camera, I fell in love with Polaroid and emulsion transfers due to the alchemical nature of this process.

When I work, I like to empty my mind, and to see things with “beginners mind,” to see things for the first time, not as my brain habitually interprets them.  Miksang (good eye), is a practice that allows one to keep the insight of beginners mind in day to day life.

After working in fiber for over twenty years, I gravitate to nature for my photographs; like fiber, it is full of color, pattern and texture. When something catches my eye, in that moment, I literally let my consciousness fall away and allow myself to fall into what I want to capture with my lens.

I call my work, Alchemy Art.  I once read a definition of Alchemy that resonated deeply for me.  ‘Alchemy: transforming the ordinary into the sublime, a seemingly magical power or process of transmutation.’  Whether it is my painted photograph, or an untouched photo, I believe this process to be magical.  Having my photographs transferred directly into dye infused, specially coated metal sheets, adds an additional luminescence.