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JULY REHANG (template below)

DATES 7/1 -7/3

Tatyana Chaar
Ellen Metzger O’Shea
Larry Brannock
Mary Belliveau
Faye Richland
Rona Maynard
Kate Kennedy (paintings only)
Glen Mayo
Alix Travis

Please pick up your work, or let us know to store it, anytime Sunday 1-6, Monday 1-5, or Tuesday 1-5.  If you need to make any kind of special arrangement for this rehang, just shoot me an email and let me know  If you feel you would like to switch something out, also just shoot me an email so I can plan the space accordingly!

Pat Kelly
Charles Cornelis
Barbara Bergin
Krista Morris
John Clark
Michael Scudder
Denise Fink
Please bring you work in during any of the times listed above as well. Please be sure to email us the filled out template (download template below) for your new work. Email all information to
One version of the template will be sufficient, as we can cut and paste in the order of which we hang your work.


Artist Card Template – Instructions for Members Rehanging

  1. Download this template
  2. Replace information with your own. [Do not directly copy and paste block of text, as it may alter the formatting. Erase each line and enter your own information.]
  3. Save as a PDF
  4. Send to

Note: You may send information anytime before you drop-off work. Please do not drop-off work without having information sent in before you leave.



Microsoft word template: