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Rhinebeck Gallery to Open Companion Gallery in Chatham

L-R: Pat D’Antonio Executive Director thegallery@rhinebeck/thegallery@chatham, Mellisa Pollack, Board Member thegallery@chatham, Rochelle Bartolo, Real Estate Agent and Richard Heron, Building Owner. Photo courtesy of Gallery@Chatham

RHINEBECK – The Gallery@Chatham, an extension of Gallery@Rhinebeck, announced it will open its doors at 34 Main Street in Chatham this May.

Founded by Pat D’Antonio, executive director of the Gallery@Rhinebeck, the Chatham organization will mirror the model of its sister gallery in Historic Rhinebeck, New York.

The nonprofit, commission-free venue is expected to house the work of dozens of local artists, host community events, and serve as a platform for member-driven volunteer efforts throughout the community.

Says D’Antonio, “The Gallery@Rhinebeck has been a huge hit; the model brings tremendous value to locals and tourists. We are really excited to set up the same thing in Chatham, and in other Hudson Valley towns and villages as well in the near future. With our combination of high-end local art, community outreach initiatives, and our Hudson Valley Celebrity Series events, there’s really something for everyone to experience. We’re a nonprofit public service organization, a win for all involved. We give artists a chance to get much-deserved exposure while also giving back to the community.”

D’Antonio continued, “We were looking to expand into other parts of the Hudson Valley and hadn’t thought of going as far north as Chatham, but after meeting Melisa Pollock and some of the artists from Creative Columbia, we felt compelled to make it happen.”

Pollock, a local designer and supporter of the arts in Chatham, is now a member of the Gallery@Rhinebeck/Gallery@Chatham Board of Directors. Says D’Antonio, “She brought me up there and I really liked what I saw. Melissa is a big Chatham booster, very down-to-earth, and realizes the work required to get something like this done. She really is the main reason we are coming to Chatham. She agreed to join our board along with local artist Nancy Rutter.”

Pollock reflected, “I’m excited to be a part of Gallery@Chatham. This innovative gallery model is a welcome option for our talented Hudson Valley artists. I hope it brings them the visibility and support they need to continue to create.”

According to D’Antonio, Creative Columbia has also been instrumental in the Gallery@Chatham project. He shares: “Creative Columbia is kind of a social group that gets together once a month for a dinner and discussion about what’s going on with art in the area. Well, one night recently, Carl Burg, a local photographer, spoke up and told everyone that there was a great gallery space in Chatham coming on the market. He said something to the affect that the group should take the lease and form their own gallery, adding, ‘But I don’t know how to do that and I don’t want to do that.’ Another member of Creative Columbia, Gerard Seligman, also a member of gallery@rhinebeck, responded by raising a hand and saying, ‘I know the guy to call.’”

The gallery@chatham will open its doors in early May. Details of a grand opening event will be announced at a later date.

Nancy Rutter, former board member of the Columbia County Council for the Arts and board member of Gallery@Chatham, says of the development, “I’m thrilled to be a part the launch of the Gallery@Chatham. A beautiful space and the energy of exhibition work in a new market is inspiring. I am equally excited to be a part of a group that believes in giving back to the community. As an artist, you spend much of your time alone in the quiet of the studio, and it is energizing to be a part of such a group.”